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Tickets / Membership

1. How do I buy event tickets?

Tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with a membership package which must be purchased prior to the event via the secure details given at the time of obtaining the membership.

2. How do event tickets arrive?

3. Do I need to be a member to purchase event tickets?

4. Can I automatically become a member?

5. What levels of membership do you have?

6. What is your membership/ticket cancellation policy?


1. Do I need to pay for anything at the parties?

2. How will I be notified about the event details and venue location?

3. Can I change at the event?

4. Do you have showers at the event?

5. Do I need to wear a mask?

6. What is your dress code?

7. Do you have security at each event?

8. Will there be management at the event?

9. Do you provide condoms?

10. Do I have to get naked or have sex?

11. Can Single men attend?

12. What is your drug policy?

13. What is your confidentiality policy?

14. Can I use my phone or take pictures?